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Offering the finest selection of Korean Celadon Pottery, Lacquered & Music Boxes, Dolls, Figurines and Paintings since 1999.

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About Korean-Arts


Korean-Arts is dedicated to preserving the culture and the beauty of Korean art by spreading the word of its unique character to peoples around the world. Previously known as the "Hermit Kingdom" Korea has a long history of isolationism which has helped keep the beauty of its native art from being appreciated by most of the world outside of China and Japan. By offering the beauty of Korean art and extensive explanations about its history and characteristics in English, we hope to promote its subtle beauty worldwide.


Korean-Arts began selling on the web in 1999 and in order to reach a broader audience and propagate the beauty of Korean art we closed our direct sales store in downtown Seoul in September 2002 and began selling exclusively on the web. Korean-Arts has offices in Seoul Korea and business offices in Seattle in the US. Our multi-national staff hails from both Korea and the US.


We at Korean-Arts strive to offer the most beautiful selection of art from the finest artisans in Korea at the lowest possible prices and with our guarantee of fast and safe delivery, and backed by our outstanding reputation and proven record of superior customer service.

Customer relation policy

Below is a touching story which illustrates our internal policy towards customer service. We treat every customer with respect and strive to go the extra mile in every customer relation. Reprinted from: A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Everything I learned about selling I learned in one afternoon from my father, Walt, at his furniture store in New Era, Michigan. I was 12 years old. I was sweeping the  floor when an elderly woman entered the store. I asked Dad if I could wait on her. "Sure," he replied. "May I help you?" "Yes, young man. I bought a sofa from your store and the leg fell off. I want to know when you're going to fix it." "When did you purchase it, ma'am?" "About 10 years ago." I told my father that she thought we were going to fix her old sofa for free. He said to tell her we'd be there that afternoon. After screwing on the new leg, we left, and on the ride back Pop asked, "What's bothering you, son?" "You know that I want to go to college. If we drive around fixing old sofas for free, we'll go broke!" "You had to learn how to do that repair job anyway. Besides, you missed the most important part. You didn't notice the store tag when we flipped the couch over. She bought it from Sears." "You mean we did that job for nothing and she's not even our customer?" Dad looked me in the eye and said, "She is now." Two days later she returned to our store and bought several thou- sand dollars worth of new furniture from me. When we delivered it, she put a gallon jar filled with change, singles, fives, tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds on the kitchen table. "Take what you need," she said and left the room. I've been selling for 30 years since that day. I have had the highest closing average in every organization I have represented because I treat every customer with respect.

Michael 7: Burcon