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Gift-wrapping, Wrapping Paper, Gift Boxes and Stationery

     Korean-Arts now offers gift-wrapping for all your purchases. Just add the gift-wrapping option to your shopping cart by clicking on the button below, and we will gift-wrap your order in our unique, Hanji paper, and send it to the recipient of your choice.
     You may also include a personalized message with your gift by writing your message in the "Notes" section when in-putting the shipping address, and we will send your message along with your gift on our beautiful Han-ji stationary and envelopes.
     All gift-wrapped orders include a special invoice with the name of the sender, recipient, and list of items, but no prices. This item is required once per gift-wrapped box. If you would like several items in the same order gift-wrapped separately, please add this item once for each separately wrapped box. Many items in the same gift-wrapped box require the gift-wrapping option only once. Item GW001

Price: $3.00

Gift Wrapping & Personalized Message

Hanji Gift Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

The same beautiful Hanji papers used for our gift-wrapping are available separately. Hanji wrapping paper is made of mulberry tree bark and printed with either a pattern of traditional Korean characters (Hangul - as shown on the gift box above) with a coin imprint, or Chinese characters (Hanja) and Korean characters (Hangul)

Sizes: 37" x 25" (94 x 63cm)

Price: was $1.00 (per sheet)
Now $0.80

(Sheets are folded into 9" x 12.5" packs for shipping - if the paper is required without folds please contact us for shipping arrangements)

GWP001 White Hangul
GWP002 Tan Hangul
GWP003 White Hanja & Hangul
GWP004 Tan Hanja & Hangul

Gift Boxes

DDB001 $1

DDB002 $.50

DDB005 $1

Clear Top Gift Box - DDB001
comes in multiple mixed colors
all boxes in one color are not available
view colors
Size: (L)3.6" x (W)2.7" x (H)1.1" (92 x 72 x 28mm)
Fits DS012S
$1.00 each
Solid Top Gift Box -DB002
comes in multiple mixed colors
all boxes in one color are not available
view colors
Size: (L)3.6" x (W)2.7" x (H)1.1" (92 x 72 x 28mm)
Fits DS012S
$.50 each
Brown Gift Box - DDB005
Size: (L)3.7" x (W)3" x (H)1.4" (95 x 75 x 36mm)
Fits DS012S
$1.00 each
DDB003 $1.50 DDB004 $1.50  
Ivory Gift Box - DDB003
Size: (L)4.6" x (W)3.4" x (H)1.3" (116 x 86 x 34mm)
Fits DS012S/M/L
$1.50 each
Magenta Gift Box - DDB004
Size: (L)4.6" x (W)3.4" x (H)1.3" (116 x 86 x 34mm)
Fits DS012S/M/L
$1.50 each

Hanji Stationery

Hanji Stationary

Beautiful Hanji stationery and matching Hanji envelopes are great for special greetings on birthdays, Christmas or any occasion and can be used with ink-jet, and laser printers. They are also great for handicrafts or just plain letter writing. Email has become so impersonal, why not write your next correspondence on traditional Korean Hanji paper made of mulberry tree bark for an eye-catching letter that will not be forgotten?

Stationery ST001S
20 pack
A4 11 3/4" x 8 1/2"
(297 x 210mm)
Price: $5.00

Envelopes ST001E (sold out)
10 pack
8 5/8" x 4 3/8"
(218 x 110mm)
Price: $6.00