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About The Art and Culture of Korea

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About Korean Celadon The Age of Celadon Evaluating Korean celadon - Old and Modern

About Korean Celadon

The Age of Celadon

Evaluating Korean celadon
Old and Modern

What is Korean Celadon
The History of Korean Celadon
The Aesthetic Beauty of Korean Celadon
Meaning of Design in Korean Celadon
The Making of Korean Celadon
About our Celadon
Learn More - Books & Links
Korean History Timeline
The Age of Clayware and Earthenware
The Age of Celadon
The Age of White Porcelain
Old celadon
Modern celadon
Bun-cheong: The Lost Art Tal-nori The Korean Mask Performance About Korean Paintings

Bun-cheong: The Lost Art

Tal-nori The Korean Mask Performance

About Korean Paintings

Production Method
Modern Bun-cheong
Our Masks
The History of Korean Paintings
Types of Korean Paintings
About our Paintings
Tea and the Tea Ceremony
Consonant; "" sounds like the letter H as in hotel.
Vowel; "" sounds like the letter A as in father.
And the "" here in the final position sounds like an N.
Here the letter "" sounds like G because it is in the initial position in the syllable.
Between the two consonants is the vowel ""; it is represented by a U and sounds like the oo in Pool.
And the "" here in the final position sounds like a K.

Tea and the Tea Ceremony

The Korean Alphabet

About Korean Food (with recipes)

Tea History
Types of Korean Green Tea
Caffeine in Green Tea
Preparing Green Tea
Laying out the Tea Ware
Preparing the Tea
Drinking Green Tea
Enjoying the Experience
History and Form
Syllable Positions
Korean Alphabet Chart
Handy Word and Phrase List
Grammar Notes
About Korean Food
Korean Dishes


Korean History Timeline


Additional articles:

Caring for Korean Celadon and Lacquered Boxes

Articles from Newsletters:

Christmas in Korea
New Year’s Celebration – Korean Style
Gift Giving in Korea
Buddha's Birthday Celebration
Chuseok (Korean harvest festival)
About Korean Furniture
About Seol-nal (Lunar New Year)

Archived Newsletters, some with Short Articles about Korea and Korean Art

2006/11/25: New Jewelry, About Korea: Christmas in Korea
2007/01/19: New Card Cases, Jewelry, About Korea New Year's Celebration - Korean Style
     (2006/12/31 New Year's Eve in downtown Seoul video)

2007/03/06: New Bookmarks, Mirrors, No-ri-gae, Phone Fobs, About Korea: Gift Giving in Korea
2007/05/01: New Jewelry, Scroll Paintings, About Korea: Buddha's Birthday in Korea
2007/09/07: New items: Teapots: On Sale: Chuseok (Korean harvest festival)
2007/11/03: New Furniture, Ginseng Tea, Christmas Shipping, About Korean Furniture

2008/01/31: About Seol-nal (Lunar New Year), New T-shirts, Jewelry, Free T-shirt
2008/06/08: New Tea Ware, Planters, Dolls, About Korea-The Korean Alphabet, On Sale
2008/08/05: New Traditional Prints, On Sale, Free T-shirts, About Korea-Korean Paintings
2008/11/13: New Lacquer Chopstick and Spoon Sets, Decorative Celadon Shoes, more, Free Shipping
2009/04/30: New Mirrors on sale for Mother's Day, about Korea: Buddha's Birthday

2009/08/03: New Dinnerware Sets, About Korea: Korean Food (with recipes)
2009/11/10: New Jewelry, Dolls, Special Order, Christmas Shipping
2010/10/27: New Jewelry Boxes, Business Card Cases, Wedding Ducks, Christmas in Korea, Christmas Shipping
2011/11/01: New Contemporary colored Teapots, Jars, Genie Bottles, On Sale, Christmas Shipping
2012/11/14: New Tea Ware, Vases, Christmas Sale, Free Gift Wrapping, Christmas Shipping
2013/11/16: New Coffee Cups, Tea Ware, Christmas Sale, Free Gift Wrapping, Christmas Shipping


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