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I Art Korean-Arts' T-shirt

I  Love Art Korean-Arts' T-shirt

I  Love Art Korean-Arts' T-shirt

Click on the front or back logo to see a larger image!
Tiger and Bamboo
Late Chosun
Kim Hongdo (b. 1745) and Im Huji (b. 1763)
Hanging scroll, ink and light color on silk
35 1/4 x 13 1/4 in *90.9 x 34.1 cm)
Deokweon Art Museum, Seoul

We love art and like to show it on our company t-shirts; consequently they have become so popular we are now offering them for sale. The back features a Tiger and Bamboo painting from the middle Chosun Dynasty and the front has the I ART logo. Our shirts are made from 30 thread count* 100% cotton, and like all our art, are made in Korea and therefore use the Korean sizing system. For the best fit, we recommend you measure a comfortable shirt you now wear and choose a slightly larger sized shirt from the chart below since these are made from a good quality heavy grade of cotton and may be more comfortable in a slightly larger size and they also may shrink a size in a hot dryer. Style TS001

Price: $15.00

Size Medium (sold out) Large (sold out) XL (sold out) XXL XXXL
Width 19 3/4 (50cm) 21 1/4 (54cm) 21 1/2 (55cm) 22 1/4 (56.5cm) 23 1/2 (59.5cm)
Height 26 (66cm) 27 1/4 (69cm) 28 3/4 (73cm) 29 1/2 (75cm) 30 1/2 (77.5cm)
Shoulder Width 18 1/2 (47cm) 19 3/4 (50cm) 20 (51cm) 21 (53.5cm) 22 1/4 (56.5cm)

* Thread counts refer to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch according to the National Textile Association in the US, and for t-shirts that means a count of 30 will be a thicker and slightly heavier shirt and will last longer and soften up a bit after a few washes. Twenty-count shirts will be a bit lighter and more comfortable at first wear but will tend to lose their shape, and wear out faster. They are, however, a bit cooler in for very hot areas.