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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Can I use Korean celadon pottery in my everyday life or is it just for decoration?

A.    Absolutely! You may use the tea ware for steeping tea (the pots are not designed for boiling tea over a burner), the vases can be used for flowers and the bottles (Ju-byeong) which literally means liquor bottle in Korean can certainly be used for rice wine or the like. The one exception may be the bowls which were originally intended for use in tea ceremonies which is an extremely delicate affair. As such, they are designed to be used quite carefully for holding and drinking tea and are not strong enough to be used for foods on a daily basis.

Q.    Why are the shipping costs high?

A.    All our celadon wares are made and shipped from right here in Korea - international shipping rates are higher than domestic. Since our goal is to provide the best quality, and most authentic, celadon available, we ship from the source - Korea.

Q.    Can I special order something I don't see on your site?

A.    We can't make any promises, but if you will send us an Email with your request we will certainly see what we can do.

Q.    Is Korean celadon made of jade?

A.    Although Korean celadon does possess a beautiful jade-green color it is not made of jade. It is made of clays from one of three areas in South Korea that are selected for their unique properties.

Q.    Do you have a catalog available for pieces I don't see on your site?

A.    No we do not. Due to the handmade nature of our arts, the items we have available are constantly changing or being added to. If you check back on our site periodically you are bound to see many new items - see the "Check our New Stuff" page for the latest additions to our site. If you would like something you don't see on our website contact us at Orders@Korean-Arts.com and we will see what we can do about getting it for you, or putting it in our website.

Q.    I am interested in the history of the Korean arts. Where can I learn more?

A.    Visit our page "About Korean Celadon/Learn More - Books & Links". There you will find a list of sources for further study.

Q.    What songs do the music boxes play?

A.    All our music boxes play the same tune, the famous Korean song, Arirang. Although it is not the national song, Arirang is the most famous folk song in Korea and was originally sung by ordinary citizens and farmers during hard times to help them overcome fatigue and anguish.