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Dragon Vase & Bottle

This celadon vase has a beautiful inlaid dragon design which represents the all mighty, and the year 2000 - the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar. These items are sold separately. They are available in four sizes.

Dragon Vase & Bottle

CV007S Small Dragon Vase*
CB008S Small Dragon Bottle*
CV007M Medium Dragon Vase
CB008M Medium Dragon Bottle
CV007L Large Dragon Vase
CB008L Large Dragon Bottle (sold out)
CV007XL Extra-large Dragon Vase (sold out)
CB008XL Extra-large Dragon Bottle (sold out)
(H)8.5" x 4.75" (220 x 120mm)
(H)8.5" x 4.25" (220 x 110mm)
(H)11" x 6.25" (280 x 160mm)
(H)11" x 5.5" (280 x 140mm)
(H)14" x 8" (350 x 200mm)
(H)14" x 6.75" (350 x 170mm)
(H)17,25 x 8.5 (440 x 220mm)
(H)17.25 x 8 (440 x 205mm)
 Price: $51.00
 Price: $70.00
 Price: $103.00
 Price: $203.00